Common sense: James concedes

Published 11:09 pm Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The provisional ballots in the Republican race for governor are counted. It’s obvious Dr. Bentley came in second, although by a less than 200-vote margin.

Sure, 167 votes is a narrow margin, but it’s a victory any way the votes are counted.

Except in Tim James’ book. James, the other close GOP candidate in the primary, wants a runoff. “The people of Alabama must know the truth,” James said when he demanded the recount.

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Alabama law says James must request recounts in each county and pay the cost. James said he’ll start with the counties with the most Republicans and then decide on the rest. In other words, he’ll go to the major metropolitan areas, see how he fares, then cherry pick the other counties.

That’s ridiculous.

James needs a quiet moment to calm down, tip his hat to Bentley and Byrne, the obvious run-off winners and move on.

Shenanigans, such as demanding a recount, does nothing to help get a Republican elected in November. James’ antics hurt his future political chances, making him look now more like a bad actor in a melodrama than the thoughtful conservative those slick Hollywood ads tried to make him appear.

Concede, Mr. James.

It makes sense to us.