Jackson deserves another term

Published 9:20 pm Saturday, May 29, 2010

Editor’s note: We continue today with the endorsements for the June 1 primaries. On Tuesday, The Selma Times-Journal will review its recommendations for the elections.

District Attorney Michael Jackson has worked hard for the people of the 4th Judicial District.

He has assembled a staff that represents him well in the courtroom, pursuing cases with energy that comes from Jackson’s leadership.

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Jackson’s activities outside the courtroom also indicate his strict believe in the justice system. He has led efforts to control the drug traffic within the 4th Judicial District, forming the Drug Task Force, which has successfully worked in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies in the Black Belt region.

Among those efforts is the Stop Meth program to bring awareness to the manufacturing, sale and use of the drug, which permeates rural areas such as the Black Belt.

Jackson’s work to ensure sex offenders are punished and registered as required by law have allowed a better quality of life for those in the 4th Judicial District. Jackson’s officer works closely with state and local law enforcement to make sure these sex offenders are known to those who live in the communities.

Jackson has begun in the last year to draw attention to the infiltration of gangs in the area. He and his task force have mounted a campaign to bring gang experts to schools and civic groups so others may identify and become award of this issue in our communities.

For his work and efforts to ensure justice and a safer region, The Selma Times-Journal endorses District Attorney Michael Jackson in the June 1 primary elections.