Cameras at lights can save lives

Published 10:13 pm Thursday, May 13, 2010

An 11-hour period and 77 people run red lights. That’s happening right here in Selma, evidenced by the test cameras placed at about 20 city intersections in March.

The intersections were chosen by the Selma Police Department based on number of accidents and traffic flow. Ten of those 20 intersections were targeted as “musts” by the company, Public Strategies LLC, for cameras.

There are numerous arguments about privacy rights and possible abuse against these cameras.

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But one fact is proven by our neighbor, Montgomery: The cameras force people to stop at lights. After about six months of the cameras, statistics from Montgomery show a 50 percent reduction in tickets issued for running the red lights.

These measures save lives.

The Selma City Council should act on this immediately and authorize city officials to receive bids for traffic cameras.