Enjoy the sunshine

Published 11:39 pm Saturday, March 27, 2010

I proudly broke out my sandals this week. With my toes out, I strolled through the office and around town. Although we can expect days of dreary rain, I make sure to relish in the sun-laden days.

Even if I know most of my day will be spent at a computer screen and making phone calls, I still like to take five minutes to step onto our back porch and enjoy the day. I roll the windows down as I drive to my appointments. I walk three blocks to a store instead of driving.

Use this time of warmth, before the humidity and mosquitoes of summer set in, to go outside. Many homes, especially in Old Town, have vast front porches. Drink your morning up of coffee or read the newspaper in a chair on a front or back porch. The slight breeze will keep things comfortable and cool.

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Take whatever moments you can find to receive your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. It’s healthy to take in five to 30 minutes of natural sunlight, mainly ultraviolet B rays, each day.

If you can find time to go for a walk, Bloch Park offers a paved path around an open field. Walking and running at this time of year is pleasant because of the breeze and lack of intensive humidity. You can use the inner field for playing games such as soccer, tee ball, softball or just a plain ol’ game of catch.

Monday through Friday might be too pressed with work and school schedules, so make time to enjoy the outdoors on weekends. An afternoon at the park, complete with packed lunches, makes for an enjoyable family outing.

The park also offers grilling areas. Make sure to bring your own charcoal and grilling supplies. Spending time with family is important, and sharing a meal together, with conversation as simple as “How was your day?” can help to bring a family closer together. Plus, as a bonus, those pesky flies won’t be hovering over your food. They mostly stay hidden with the mosquitoes for a while.

For each sunny and warm day, remember to enjoy it in some small way. Each day we are blessed to wake up and take another breath. Don’t waste your blessings.

Laura Fenton is education reporter for the Selma Times-Journal. She can be contacted at laura.fenton@selmatimesjournal.com.