Kids are listening and doing the right thing

Published 6:23 pm Saturday, December 19, 2009

All too often juveniles are recognized for bad behavior. Recently five minors were arrested for burglaries of two Selma school.

So the acts of three boys on Saturday afternoon was a welcomed breathe of fresh air.

Christopher McMillian, Oliver Rayford and Jaylyne Craig saw a trailer on fire and did what they were taught to do – get an adult and call 9-1-1.

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A woman was in the residence so they helped break windows so the woman could get fresh air. An adult helped them pull the woman to safety

At their schools Christopher, Oliver and Jaylyne learned from the firefighters that they should not be scared and to help someone when they’re house is on fire. When the fateful day came, they not only remembered their lessons, but also recalled the captain on the scene taught them.

These boys are all 10 years old or younger yet they stepped up when one of their neighbors needed them most.

Christopher, Oliver and Jaylyne should be recognized for the heroes they are.

The boys, which are all cousins; their parents and everyone involved in their lives should be proud of them for doing the right thing and listening in school.