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Dawn breaking on downtown

A movement is afoot in Selma; a public and private effort to bring life back to downtown Selma. It is called Sunrise Selma.

Some people stand to make a profit from this effort. Making a profit is the crux of the free enterprise system; it is what draws the best of ideas from individuals and brings them to fruition.

The beauty of Sunrise Selma is in its concept of mixed-use, meaning businesses complementing downtown residents who live in condos or apartments above, below or next door to those retail shops.

Taking the idea a step further, Sunrise Selma’s goals also shore up the city’s long-awaited plans of a riverfront park with walking space, green space and a safe, well-lighted downtown.

The shops and residents then will lead to visitors and tourists coming through town who will see a viable community, living in its own rhythm, attractive and cutting edge.

These are the hopes for the future. Already the work has begun. Selma, indeed, may soon see the sun rise from this nadir of empty buildings and stunted economy.