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Officers deserve praise for this week’s arrests

Many are quick to comment when the Selma Police Department releases information on missing evidence or allegations against an officer, but fewer jump at the chance to congratulate officers when they go above and beyond.

In the span of a week May 22 to 28 officers apprehended multiple suspects just mere minutes after a crime.

On May 22, police apprehended James Jones, an attempted murder suspect, before the downtown church’s bells signified the passing of an hour. Before most people were settled into their homes, officers arrested Andrew Shelton for attempted murder as well.

The police received a few attaboys.

Tuesday night, when Selma was crawling with badges, a narcotics officer witnessed a robbery in progress. After a short ride, which I’m sure whoever was responsible thought they were home free, the officer arrested Raphael Clark, Jory Leshore and Devin L. Hatcher.

That arrest led to another robbery arrest for the three suspects and then on Thursday Clark was arrested again for a third robbery.

The narcotics officer was recognized by his peers and garnered a few accolades from readers as well.

The support for Selma police should be tit-for-tat. If you criticize, then you should praise.

Sure, they are “just doing their job,” but they are doing it well. And a job well done deserves a pat on the back.

So keep up the quick response time and good work officers.