Community gifts make senior’s prom night perfect

Published 12:01 pm Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dear Editor,

The “Dallas County Cinderella Project: the girl, the dream the reality” was indeed a rewarding experience. Senior girls in Dallas County, Maplesville, Shelby County and Vincent selected and received free, beautiful prom dresses and accessories.

The idea for the project was introduced by a relative in Delaware that had already started a similar program in Dover and Key West, Fl. The concept seemed overwhelming until the need was realized. With the help of Advantage Storage, a site was secured.

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Prom dresses were donated from the Dallas County community. Additionally, 20 dresses were purchased by a special donor at the Department of Human Resource Agency. With the assistance of two special individuals at the First Presbyterian Church, generous support was offered almost daily. Three skilled individuals performed specific tasks. The assistance of my daughter and other family members provided the manpower. The media – WHBB, WBFZ, Selma Times-Journal and The Valley Grande Vidette – made Dallas County residents aware of the free service. Highway signs attracted parents and girls passing through from surrounding areas. Over 150 dresses at varied lengths, sizes and colors were available to seniors.

Parents accompanying their daughters had many stories to tell resulting in laughter and tears. They expressed their appreciation for the unbelievable gifts. After showing dresses at two schools and attending three proms, it was realized that the effort was worthwhile because the girls were truly “Cinderellas.” In addiction, one Cinderfella received a tuxedo.

Many thanks to all supporters for making a difference in the lives of children. Plan again next year to make dreams come true. May God bless you!

Claudia Wright