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Pitching in can make all the difference

On Tuesday night, the Selma Code Enforcement folks showed the city council what they’ve been doing to help Selma’s appearance. Although this is just a beginning, it’s an indication that Mayor George Evans and the city council are serious about cleaning up Selma.

Recently, code enforcement and the Selma Fire Department joined forces in a controlled burn of a couple of the structures. Additionally, the list of properties considered dangerous and dilapidated has grown. The owners of these properties have received notices to clean up their properties, challenge the code enforcement’s findings or have the city step in and take care of the job.

As those properties come down, we’ve seen other efforts in various wards by council members to pick up and clean up the litter along the streets. Council members Angela Benjamin, Dr. Monica Newton and the Rev. B.L. Tucker all have had armies of cleanup crews walking the rights of way in their wards on Saturday mornings.

These concerted efforts should not go unnoticed. And, we’re convinced that these are not just “fair weather” events to gain attention. The rest of us can help by not tossing litter on the roadsides, keeping our yards cut and neat and ensuring our homes and our buildings are in good stead.

When everyone pitches in, it makes a difference.