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Weaknesses don’t trump strengths

On Tuesday, we have the opportunity to vote to decide whether to have an elected school board for the Selma City School System or one appointed by the Selma City Council.

Last week, The Selma Times-Journal endorsed an elected school board for a variety of reasons. An elected school board takes the patronage out of appointments, relieving city officials of appointing those who might have helped them out in the future. An elected school board would be smaller than the one that serves now, making consensus easier to reach.

The laws regarding election of school board members and their requirements to serve are not perfect. Yes, something stating that the candidate should have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent of would be an improvement. Yes, something establishing minimum requirements for holding office, other than living in the school system’s boundaries, would be an improvement.

Despite the weaknesses in the requirements to hold office, the voting public can hold responsible an elected school board much more than it can one appointed.

Voters are encouraged to go to the polls and cast their ballots for an elected school board.