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Gambling and the sale of alcohol do not live up to promises

Dear editor,

What do legal gambling and sale of alcohol have in common?

A number of things.

1. Those who promote them tell more lies than they do the truth.

2. Wherever they are legal there are more broken homes.

3. Wherever they are legal more people get on welfare.

4. Wherever they are legal there is more crime.

Those are proven facts.

The number one cry of those who promote the legalization of those two things is “More money for education”.

Anyone with a functioning mind should realize that money taken in from those two things does not solve any problems.

Huntsville, Ala. is a good example. The first time I was in Huntsville in 1948, alcohol was being sold and still is. but there are schools that still need more money.

The constant rant about how much money that is going from Alabama to other states for gambling is ludicrous. If it was true, since the gambling income there has not solved their education financial problems, those states would be in extremely dire straits if all the Alabama money stopped going there.

There are only three honest reasons that anyone promote the legal sale of alcohol, no matter how many reasons they give.

1. To make money for themselves by selling it.

2. Convenience. They don’t like to drive to another town to get it.

3. If it is legal, it puts a better face on it so they don’t have to hide their face when they go in to buy it in some other town.

I have worked in many states where gambling is legal and I have looked in on many of the gambling places. I found that the majority of those gambling were poor people.

People who take advantage of the poor in any form or by any means are selfish and have no character whatsoever.

Edwin J. Slaten

Eva, Ala.