At least one answer coming

Published 8:21 pm Thursday, March 26, 2009

There should be some swift action regarding the raid on the gambling center in White Hall.

Judge Mark Kennedy said he expects to decide today or Saturday whether the center can reopen without the threat of another raid. Governor Bob Riley’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling inundated the building last week and seized more than 100 machines and several thousands of dollars.

More than that, the raid temporarily put more than 100 people out of a job.

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The issue right now is not whether we agree or disagree with gambling. The debate over the legality of the bingo machines aside, the blow to the Lowndes County economy was felt almost immediately.

An attorney representing the charity that runs the gambling hall says each day it is out of business $100,000 of revenue is lost. According to documents in the case, the Cornerstone Community Outreach, the controlling charity, gave half a million dollars to local groups last year alone.

It would be nice if people were allowed to get back to work while the legal back and forth is worked out. It would be nicer still if people in Riley’s camp answered questions about why other similar gambling facilities around the state were not subject to the same force displayed in last week’s raid.