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Mess left behind dampens Jubilee enthusiasm

On Sunday morning, Water Avenue smelled worse than Bourbon Street in New Orleans ever smelled and you could bury anything with the litter left on the ground.

By Monday morning, the litter had disappeared but the stench from pure grease poured down drains created a rancid atmosphere around businesses all day long.

We celebrate the Bridge Crossing Jubilee. It is well worth the influx of visitors and tax dollars that pour into our community. We’re glad to share the story and tell the events.

But how many visitors would go into someone’s house and leave dirty dishes on their hosts’ tables; or would throw down used paper in the floor or would throw grease or unused food in the garage, or on the deck or the carport?

Any guest that committed such grievous social errors in most of our households would never receive another invitation. We likely would spread the word of their indiscretions, so our neighbors would not suffer the same treatment.

Our visitors to the Bridge Crossing Jubilee hurt us much the same. The amount of trash left underneath bleachers on Water Avenue stunned many. The event’s organizers had spread plenty of trash receptacles over the festival site. There was no reason for this behavior. Similarly, vendors had no business pouring grease and other nastiness down the drains of the cities.

We’ll remember this Bridge Crossing Jubilee for a variety of reasons, but the filth left afterwards leaves out noses wrinkled in disgust and our heads shaking in despair.