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Education needs action, not debate

It is amazing the disparity between argument and problem solving when the subject of public education arises.

It almost seems two sides are playing a tug of war with students and teachers in the middle.

Students are often left stranded as the grappling over how to improve the situation and how to save face continues.

Opponents of tracking and proponents of programs like First Choice are somehow pitted against one another while our two most important assets are left to figure things out for themselves — educators and pupils.

The government can’t fully solve problems in education because they can’t get into homes.

First Choice is a valuable program because it essentially forces students to rise to a certain level, which is what good education is about. But such a program is akin to a bailout of education system, sans the billions of dollars.

Parents should not wait for educators to challenge their children. They can take small steps — weekly trips to the library, encouraging reading at a young age and involvement with schoolwork.

These things do more for a child’s future than any program.