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Council discusses street naming policy

The Selma City Council will vote on an amended policy for renaming city streets during its meeting tonight.

The council discussed adopting a policy during its work session Monday.

The policy would require an application, which includes a location map, to be submitted to the city clerk and the payment of a $1,000 application fee.

A signed and dated petition by a majority of affected property owners is also required. After the petition is presented to the city clerk, the council decides if it wants to proceed.

Next, a survey of all affected residents is taken. If a majority approves the renaming, the matter is brought to the city council.

If the council approves, a resolution is prepared, and the street is renamed.

City Attorney Jimmy L. Nunn discussed the policy point by point with the council Monday.

Councilwoman Dr. Monica Newton said while the fee is not meant to deter applicants, it is an important part of the policy. Newton said the cost could change depending on how many blocks of the street are being renamed. A $1,000 application fee is fair and safe, she said.

“I think it’s very wise of us to leave that assessment of cost in there,” she said.

Most of the discussion centered on which people had the right to vote on renaming a street.

Council President Geraldine Allen said a person must have the physical street address to vote.

However, the policy stated a person was eligible if their property “abutted” or touched the street.

Nunn said he would provide an amended policy for the council to vote on tonight.

The policy would not apply to a proposal to rename a portion of Jeff Davis Avenue to J.L. Chestnut Jr. Avenue because that process had already begun.