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Remembering $4 a gallon gasoline and its lessons

Most people believed they would never see gasoline prices less than $2 a gallon, but here we are.

When they peaked close to $4 a gallon, many people began to talk about downsizing vehicles, walking more, riding bicycles on short trips, driving together to save money and fuel.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so much so, here we are flush again with our gasoline prices and little crunch on our pocketbooks.

And for many of us, those promises of conservation went the way of so many vows made in the haste of desperation and anger.

But we need to remember that even in these times of cheap gas that our supply isn’t unlimited and a majority of the supply is controlled by other countries, not this one.

In other words, we’re still at the beck and call of those who would want $100 a barrel. There’s nothing we can do about the price of gasoline, it’ll rise and fall as it always has.

But we can do something about our reaction by becoming pro-active. We can still walk many places and ride together and even purchase vehicles that don’t depend totally on fossil fuels for energy.

We shouldn’t need another hard reminder.