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Aubrey Vick dies in vehicle accident

Aubrey Vick, 70, died in a car crash Friday afternoon.

The accident occurred on Old Orrville Road and Vaughan Medical Center Drive.

Selma police Lt. David Evans said eyewitnesses reported Vick’s truck pulled out in front of a Selma Fire truck traveling down Old Orrville Road.

“Witnesses indicated that the deceased ran the light,” Evans said. “There maybe a medical condition involved in the accident.”

Vick served on the Selma Water and Sewer Board as a director and ran for Selma City Council’s Ward 3 seat. He was defeated in the Aug. 26 election.

Many people involved with city government saw Vick last night at the city council work session Thursday night. He attended the meetings regularly .

Mayor James Perkins remembered Vick as a good man.

“It’s truly a tragedy,” he said. “He was really one of the good people that is a part of the community. He had a good heart and served Selma well.

Gene Hisel spoke to Vick last night. Today his heart went out to Vick’s family including his wife, Millie.

Jean Martin also saw him last night and spoke to him about the water board meeting. “I knew what a good person he is and how he helped at everything,” she said.

Mayor-elect George Evans shook his head in disbelief.

“It was a shock to hear he was gone,” he said. “It really blew my mind. He was a gentleman, had a good heart and was honest. I send my sympathy to his family and the citizens of Selma.”

Evans recalled in 2000 when they both ran for council president. Evans said the campaign showed him how just Vick was.

“When we ran for office, I remember he ran a clean race,” he said. “After I won, he called and congratulated me. He was always fair and had good judgment. He will be missed.”