Disney jobs program coming to Selma

Published 11:16 pm Sunday, August 10, 2008

Disney is coming to town.

Wayne Hampton, the coordinator of the Disney Career Start Program, will arrive in Selma on Tuesday to discuss employing youth from the Black Belt at Disney World, according to District Attorney Michael Jackson.

The program is for students who have finished high school or who have received their GEDs within the last 48 months to work for a semester at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

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The program is open to the public, according to Jackson, who has worked on the program with state Rep. Yusuf Salaam. The reception and program begin at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Striplin Performing Arts Center.

“Our goal is to give some young adults in the Black Belt some jobs, education and a different world experience that will be invaluable to them when they come back to the Black Belt,” the district attorney said.

Hampton said the positions for the fall are filled, but the program will need students who can begin in January and work until May.

Participants may work indoors and outdoors, depending on the role at Disney World. Those hired will receive an hourly rate of pay, ranging from $6.79 to $8.14 an hour, depending on the role they are selected for. Generally, depending on the work, the workers will be scheduled 30 to 50 hours a week.

The participants will live in the program’s housing complex. The information on www.disneycareerstart.com states one-to four-bedroom apartments are available, with two program participants in each bedroom. Costs of the apartments range from $75 to $97 per week, and the program will deduct the rent automatically from the paycheck. There is also a one-time $75.50 program assessment and activities fee due if the person is accepted.

Some of the available jobs include quick service food and beverage from outdoor carts or indoor restaurants; quick service food and beverage at the Magic Kingdom, which requires extended shifts ; custodial work around the park; merchandise, which may include demonstrating and selling merchandise in indoor and outdoor areas; attractions, which means working at one or more of the rides or theater shows; full-service food and beverage in restaurants; issuing costumes to fellow cast members; and working as a life guard.