School starts in Selma on Wednesday

Published 11:18 pm Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wednesday is the big day for students in Selma City Schools as they return to their classes.

Everything is ready and school officials expect only a few hitches in the system, said interim superintendent Verdell Lett-Dawson.

“Our facilities are up and running and ready for students to arrive on Wednesday,” she said. “Many worked through the weekend in preparation of the first day.”

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Air conditioning units are at the top of the “watch” list, Dawson said.

“We’re keeping a close eye on those,” she said “Monday and Tuesday, as people returned, we had several units go out, but worked through the night getting them back online.”

She said they would continue with some roofing projects, including one at Edgewood Elementary School and at the School of Discovery.

“Our staff will keep students away from the areas where work is going on,” she said.

Also, there have been some issues raised about the dress code being changed. Dawson made it clear that shirts without logos, as long as they’re in the appropriate uniform color may be worn.

“We never said students’ uniforms had to have a certain school’s logo on it,” she said. “We would like that for students when they go on field trips, but we’re not going to turn students away who are wearing the correct color, but doesn’t have a logo.”

Dawson said the rumor that Selma High School students will have to shell out $1 if they wear jeans on Friday is a fundraiser for the school, not a mandate.

She said officials expect about 4,000 students to enroll this school year.

School system officials offered some tips for making those first few days:

* Keep a check on key testing dates set for the year. These tests include the Stanford Achievement Test, the Alabama Reading and Math Test and the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.

* Be an involved parent. There are several ways parents can volunteer in the area’s schools, just call your child’s school and ask.

* Check homework. When you ask your child about homework, ask to see it. Start the expectation that it will be reviewed by you.

* Be aware of construction sites. As Dawson pointed out, there will be construction zones on some of the campuses.

* Go over the rules. Let your child know you will not tolerate weapons; illegal drugs or alcohol and that if they take such items on campus, there are dire consequences.

* Eat breakfast. Breakfast is an important part of life for everyone and for students it’s very important.

* Get some sleep. Students need to go to bed at a reasonable hour so they are alert their classroom time.

Students in the Dallas County School System, Morgan Academy, Central Christian Academy and Meadowview Christian School return to classes on Monday, Aug. 11.