More awards from George

Published 11:10 pm Sunday, August 3, 2008

Two weeks ago, I unveiled my idea for my own awards.

As promised, the “Georgies” move on celebrating the best – and sometimes worst – things in sports.

Without further ado, the categories and nominees, listed in no particular order are …

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Best sound bite:

“Playoffs?!” — Melvin Mora

“Practice. Not a game. Practice” — Allen Iverson

“I’m king of the world!” — Kevin Garnett after this year’s NBA Finals

“They were who we thought they were!” — Dennis Green

Strangest off-field incident:

Making it rain — Adam “Pacman” Jones

Pushups in the driveway — Terrell Owens

Preseason strip club celebration — Mike Price

Nancy Kerrigan attacked — Tonya Harding and her goons

Best play-by-play team:

Al Michaels-John Madden

Keith Jackson-Howard Cosell

Brent Musburger-Dick Vitale

Bob Costas and pretty much anybody (The man is so good, he can make an old shoe look like a good color commentator).

Best sideline reporter:

Pam Oliver

Jim Gray (Has Pete Rose forgiven him yet?)

Jack Arute

Bonnie Bernstein

Best desk jockey:

Greg Gumbel (Road to the Final Four)

Bob Costas (Costas Now)

Bryant Gumbel (Real Sports)

Chris Fowler (College Gameday)

Most embarrassing moment:

Homer off the head — Jose Canseco

Fat man, old man race — Charles Barkley and Dick Bavetta

Best David vs. Goliath moment:

USA Hockey beats Russia, 1980 Olympics

Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer, 2008 Wimbledon

New York Jets beat Baltimore Colts, Super Bowl III

Appalachian State beats Michigan

Best throwback uniform:

Dallas Cowboys

Cleveland Indians

L.A. Lakers

Best AARP performance:

Dara Torres competing in fifth Olympics this year (Age: 41)

Nolan Ryan throws sixth and seventh no-hitters (Ages: 43 and 44)

Gordie Howe becomes oldest active hockey player (Age: 52)

Best fans:

Green Bay Packers

Chicago Cubs

Detroit Red Wings

Best college rivalry:

Alabama-Auburn (football)

North Carolina-Duke (basketball)

UCLA-Arizona (softball)

Michigan-Ohio State (any sport, including ultimate Frisbee)

Best pro rivalry:


Red Sox-Yankees

Lakers -Celtics