Gas prices cause pains

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who would have ever thought gasoline would hit $3.35 a gallon?

This week in Selma, that was the going price per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline.

All of us have buckled under. There is nothing to do but pay the price. After all, we have to ride to school, work and other places.

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While we understand the necessity of vehicles, we likely could learn more about conservation from the gas shortages of the 1970s.

In those days, a motorist did not know if the pump would have any petroleum left once he or she pulled up from a place in line that could be as far back as two city blocks.

So what did we learn?

Carpooling to and from work is a good idea. Combine several trips into one by planning.

Ideas abound. Think about how you can save before you pay $75 to fill up that guzzler.