Hollman hearing resumes

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Selma Times-Journal

When court reconvenes for the citation hearing against Walter Hollman and Kourtney Gordon, witnesses for the defense will be called to the stand.

The hearing was adjourned Friday due to the possibility of severe weather.

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Jason Whitt and Willie Calhoun Jr. testified Friday they did not recall details surrounding a confrontation in front of the home of Walter Hollman and Kourtney Gordon on March 16

of last year.

Whitt, a former Selma city police officer, and current officer Calhoun said many of the details of what happened that night have been blurred due to the passing of time.

Hollman and Gordon face charges that include disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Gordon was also charged with reckless driving, following too closely and attempting to elude.

In a written statement following the incident, Whitt said Gordon fought him and used obscene language, which he cited as the reason for use of pepper spray.

Whitt testified Friday, however, that he did not recall whether Gordon used profanity.

Several individuals in the courtroom burst into laughter during the latter parts of Calhoun&8217;s testimony before being asked to quiet down by police.

Willie Calhoun Jr., who remains on active duty, testified he saw a &8220;commotion,&8221; &8220;talking,&8221; and &8220;yelling&8221; as he approached the carport where officers, Gordon, and Hollman were located. Calhoun testified he saw people in the yard, but did not see anyone come out of the house.

Calhoun said when he approached, Hollman grabbed him by his shirt and hit Calhoun with his fist, then hit him again, after Calhoun told him to step back and let the officers deal with the situation. &8220;I told them to move back and let us handle this,&8221; Calhoun said.