Cahaba Hospice volunteer gives back for friends

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dear editor,

Through the years, I have been aware of the wonderful service provided by the Cahaba Hospice program and have always supported it with contributions. This was an indirect involvement and was not as rewarding as becoming a Cahaba Hospice volunteer and being involved.

Several years ago, a dear, lifelong friend’s son was diagnosed with terminal cancer. At that time, I saw exactly what Cahaba Hospice did and how much it meant to the family.

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Not many months after then, my dear friend was dianosed with terminal cancer. Both of them died within a year. My being with this family – as a friend – convinced me that my gift is ministering to the hurting families who need a friend.

I know that the medical needs were taken car of by the excellent and caring professionals at Cahaba Hospice. I knew that I could become a friend to the appreciative patients and families.

I have been a volunteer for three years, and the blessings are immeasurable.

There are many ways to serve as a volunteer. A few different ways to volunteer are just sitting and spending time, making soups or baking desserts, reading and singing with the terminally ill and their families.

If there are people who are uncomfortable in going out to visit with patients, but would love to be a Cahaba Hospice volunteer, there are many more ways to help out – making crafts or light office duties – to name a few.

Probably, one might say, “I don’t have time.”

If you have the desire to volunteer, the time will be there. I assure you that the more time you volunteer, the more you want to volunteer.


Betty Schroeder

Cahaba Hospice volunteer