Manhood isnt measured by power over your children

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dear editor:

Recently, an Asian man was charged with murdering his innocent children by throwing them into the Dauphin Island waters.

Although we hear of such henious acts all the time in today&8217;s collapsing morality in society I thought how tragic.

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He wanted to be called the man in the house. When has it even been manly to be abusive to or kill children?

I have a different viewpoint of what a man is. He is not so insecure or angry or immature as to hurt his family. He loves, supports and is responsible for their well-being. He also realizes this is not strength but weakness and failure. He hould have enough intellect to ask the Lord for help when in crisis, for certainly life can be difficult and problematic, but uncontolled anger and violence is not going to bring about a positive resolution.

When we take lives, we dishonor God and demean ourselves and destroy a valuable human being. We should respect the sanctity of life. We may experience hurt and pain in life but Juses can change us, edify us, give us a new start and a new perspective.

People should put down weapons and pick up Bibles for in the word of God, there is hope.

Bobby King

V.I.P. Organization&8217;s raises awareness about eye ills

Dear editor:

On Jan. 10, this newspaper ran an article on glaucoma awareness month with Dr. Chris Mutai speaking at the Presbyterian Church Nutrition Center about the importance of having one&8217;s eyes screened for glaucoma. The reporter failed to mention the sponsor of the event.

The sponsor was V.I.P. Organization Inc., Visually Impaired People Organization, Selma&8217;s local non-profit organization dedicated to providing low-vision community education and information and referrals to Central Alabama on low-vision assistive technology that can improve the lives of the sight impaired of the Black Belt.

The National Eye Institute provided booklets on glaucoma free of charge to our community.

Wal-Mart donated money to V.I.P., so the organization could promote the fact one needs to have their eyes screened for glaucoma during glaucoma awareness month.

Dr. Mutai of Wyatt Kirkpatrick Eye Associates did a great job on speaking about glaucoma, and we appreciate him and his time for helping us create the awareness of glaucoma month. He and Dr. Wyatt are a vital component of sponsorship for this event.

The V.I.P. Organization Inc. Board of Directors feels that this mistake needed to be corrected so that all who were a part of the event could be credited for their efforts. V.I.P. appreciates all who participated in the event and hope that all citizens take the message to heart and have their eyes checked for glaucoma.

William H. Bowman

President and CEO

V.I.P. Organization Inc.