Dont choose sides unless you have something at stake

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dear Editor:

I am angry. I am angry because of the way Mr. George Evans is undervaluing my child and all children within the Selma School System. I am angry because the last time I checked, not a single person editorializing in The Selma Times-Journal attended the Selma City School System and not a single one of you have a child in the system.

Well, I do, and the parents who have been appealing to the city council to meet have children in the system.

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We have personal stakes in the system, and we have a right to speak our views.

For the STJ editor to attach this condescending and shallow political tone on the parents&8217; appeal to the city council, is an insult to all parents in the system and an assault on our children.

How dare you state that we are representing some politicians&8217; view in City Hall or anywhere else?

Obviously, you do not know this community, and you most certainly do not know the school system situation.

With all due respect to Mr. Evans, when I was a child in the county school system, he told my mother that I should be written off and that I could not learn.

Because my mother did not listen to him then, I went on to graduate from high school and graduate from the University of Alabama with a degree in Accounting.

Mr. Evans was wrong then, and he is wrong now. Mr. Evans and the Rev. Williamson left the county school system that has an elected school board more than $18 million in debt. The system was a frog&8217;s hair from a state takeover. Mr. Evans did an injustice to the children in the county schools then, and he is doing the same thing now to our children in the city school system.

You doggone right I am angry, and if the STJ wants to pick sides against my child, then I will fight you, Mr. Evans and Rev. Williamson.

The last time I checked, none of you have a very good record as it relates to looking out for the education of the children in this city and county.

As I see it, the politics are being played by Mr. Evans and those city council members who refuse to meet with the parents and refuse to meet and appoint the three school board members.

This is about the children, and if it is a fight you want; a fight you will get.

Daryl Thomas