Charges allowed in Southside fight

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 9, 2007

The Selma Times-Journal

District Judge Bob Armstrong ruled Thursday legal action will be allowed to proceed after last week’s fight between Southside football coach Christopher Raymond and three students.

All four parties will be allowed to file charges of third degree assault as a result of a melee that took place on the school’s campus Oct. 30.

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A message left with Raymond was not returned Thursday.

The families of Clenton English, Glenn McDaniel and the third student &045; a minor who is McDaniel’s younger brother &045; could not be reached for comment.

Dallas County Schools Superintendent Dr. Fannie Major-McKenzie declined comment through the system’s spokesman, and Southside principal Bailey Dawson also did not return a call.

The ruling came after Armstrong heard more than two hours of witness testimony in his courtroom Wednesday afternoon. Calling it a matter he &8220;would have to sleep on,&8221; Armstrong dismissed all four parties and the 11 witnesses Wednesday and said he would make a decision the next day.

Both Raymond and the families of the students were prepared to press charges in the magistrate’s office, which would mandate a court date.

The fight broke out after McDaniel was seen leaving campus with Edward Fears and another student last Tuesday, which prompted Raymond to notify the principal’s office.

After McDaniel returned to campus, a confrontation broke out between him and Raymond. Raymond contends he fought in self defense after McDaniel and Fears threatened and cursed at him several times then attacked him.

Raymond and McDaniel went to the school’s office after the incident had cooled. It was there a confrontation broke out that forced at least two faculty members to call 911.

English joined in the fight after a faculty member unsuccessfully tried to stop him.

According to Raymond and other witnesses, McDaniel broke a lamp against the office wall after throwing it in the coach’s direction.

The students involved in the fight claim Raymond was the instigator.

Fears testified Raymond threw the first punch in the initial altercation in the gym.