Little things mean a lot

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 28, 2007

The best lesson of that comes from the disappearance of bees &045; honey bees &045; in states in the north, like Texas.

Twenty-four states have noticed their bee population has dwindled down to nearly nothing.

Farmers in some of those states have begun importing bees from other states.

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After all, plants need bees for pollination. We need bees &045; all of us &045; because we depend on those plants.

The lesson of the importance of harmony with nature should prove instructive to those of us who live here in Selma.

The inability of our elected officials to get along in public has become widely known in the region.

Even Friday night the Mayor-elect of Birmingham made note of strife that has erupted in our City Hall.

His comments came as many of this city’s people recalled the sacrifice of a young man in 1965, who gave his life so that a young girl might live.

For a moment, the world focused its eyes on Selma and saw passionate people who worked together for the greater good.

Once again, we in Selma have eyes on us, but we aren’t teaching them about the harmony that produces fruit.

Like the bees, our selfless leaders seemed to have disappeared.