Who is really in control of mayor?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 6, 2007

To the Editor:

Thank you for the excellent editorial concerning the length and the disruptions during Monday’s council meeting. Most all of us, including myself, share some of the responsibility for this meeting lasting more than six hours and during which the council did not conclude the business which was on the agenda.

If I were in a third world banana republic and wanted to overthrow the government, I would want Ms. Bennie Ruth Crenshaw as my right hand woman. She would be excellent at disruptions, creating confusion, division and animosity needed to undermine and overthrow a government.

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What Ms. Crenshaw does not realize is that she has overthrown the Smitherman government. Having done that, it is now time to govern. Unfortunately, she continues to act on the council as if her man, Mayor Perkins, and her followers, Leashore, Randolph and Venter, are not in control of the city government. She is much like the proverbial dog who has caught the bus he was chasing, but now does not know what to do with it.

If one listens carefully to much of what Ms. Crenshaw says and does, one will understand clearly that she still is seeking to overthrow and undermine the Smitherman government, which has been out of office almost seven years. Although she was on the city council, and apparently did nothing to stop the theft of a million dollars, now she wants to pursue those who took the money. This despite the fact that four people are under court order to repay the city and have repaid about $200,000 to the city. This is her way of continuing to try to smear the deceased mayor and divert attention from the failing of the mayor now in office.

Make no mistake about it. Ms. Crenshaw is in control of the mayor and her followers on the city council. Having overthrown the Smitherman administration, it is time for her to act responsibly and govern this crime and drug-infested city.

Cecil Williamson

Councilman Ward 1