Deal or No Deal

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Valley Grande man wins $10K

By Deborah Goodwin

The Selma Times-Journal

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VALLEY GRANDE – When entering a contest, most people don’t expect to win, but play anyway. Entering the contest of one of the most popular game shows on television

paid off for one local man.

Last night, with millions watching and wishing for their name to be called, Harold Plummer received a confirmation call from representatives of the popular NBC game show “Deal or No Deal.” He won $10,000 playing the Lucky Case Game.

“They just called me and confirmed it,” Plummer said shortly after 8 p.m. Monday.

Plummer said his wife, Joyce, is an avid watcher of the show, but he watches it “just a little bit.” This time, “a little bit” was just enough.

The game is played during the show’s commercial breaks and anyone can enter by text messaging or entering online the number of the case they believe is the winning case. Plummer said he entered online and received a call with someone telling him he’d picked the correct case and could possibly be a winner. Shortly after, the name “Harold P. of Valley Grande, Ala.” was on national television as the winner. Though no last name is ever announced, it didn’t take locals long to put two and two together.

“The phone has been ringing off the hook,” Joyce said.

Plummer, 72, and retired since 1999, considers the winnings an early birthday present, as his birthday is in a couple of weeks. Plummer says he plans to give part of the winnings to his church, Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church in Selma. Most of all, the Plummers are looking forward to going on a long-awaited vacation.

Oh, and they didn’t forget about their baby, Maggie.

“Maggie gets and extra box of Greenies,” Plummer said.

Greenies are dog treats.