Selma businessman a great ambassador

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 16, 2006

To the Editor:

I am a construction worker and travel to many different locations in many states.

I am working at a Prattville maintenance shutdown and staying in Selma.

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My last three outages in this area have resulted in me staying in Selma. I stay in Selma not only because of the rates being lower at motels, but because of the attitudes of one business and its owner.

The business is Raceway and the owner is Mr. Hisel.

From the time of my first visit to Selma, I had the pleasure of stopping at his business. Not only did he welcome me to Selma, he also said if I had any questions about Selma he would try to answer them. The hospitality shown to me by this business impressed me to the point that I will continue to come here, if for no other reason, to do business with this man who appreciates others and knows how important a welcome and a smile is to those in a strange town with no family or friends.

His business is known as the hometown business away from home to us traveling construction workers.

Thank you, Mr. Hisel, from all of us.

Alvin Oliver

Kingsport, Tenn.