Chamber members selfless

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 24, 2004

To the editor:

This letter is, in part, a response to Ms. Reeves letter to the editor printed on Sunday, August 22nd.

The letter contains some misinformation, which I can correct, and

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I invite Ms. Reeves to visit me at the Chamber of Commerce office at any time to discuss her concerns.

First let me say that both the Economic Development Authority (EDA) and the Selma/Dallas County Chamber of Commerce are devoted to uplifting of the entire community. Not a selected segment, not a chosen few or political group.

These are non-profit organizations that are directed by Boards of Directors elected from among their membership. Board members aren’t compensated.

The EDA works with the County Commission, Probate Judge, City Council, Mayor and

existing business and industry to strengthen our infrastructure to retain and grow existing jobs and become more attractive for new industry looking for a location.

Members of this organization represent power companies, banks, industries – large and small – and educational institutions working together for the good of Selma and Dallas County.

You may have heard of Team Selma, whose years of business experience strengthen the expertise needed to be a viable force in today’s competitive environment.

This team is responsible for securing a place at the table for Selma in attracting new business that benefits everyone.

The newly developed partnership between business, WCCS, area schools and the EDA assures that the referenced “idle, trainable workforce,” is no longer idle, there are educational opportunities and training for every resident.

In January of this year Congressman Artur Davis was the keynote speaker at our Annual Dinner.

At that time he spoke highly about the positive effect the Chamber of Commerce has in this area as well as the inclusive membership who represent the entire county.

The Chamber serves business, industry and professionals in many ways.

It is one of only a few select Entrepreneurial Research Network sites working with the University of Alabama’s Small Business Development Center to provide on-site start-up information to small businesses.

Last week the Chamber was a proud sponsor of the Entrepreneur Summit held at WCCS and also the Small Business information center.

Everything is accomplished with no political pandering, no ties to special interests, no hidden agendas and absolutely no self serving motives by anyone individual or business.

I welcome anyone to contact me through the Chamber office at 875-7242 with any questions about the Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to make an appointment to meet with me I would enjoy talking to you. I also welcome volunteers!

Kathi Needham


Selma and Dallas County Chamber of Commerce