Benefit a chance for city to shine again

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 11, 2004

Selma’s done it again.

Several local businesses have come to the aid of a community organization, the SABRA Sanctuary.

Victor Nissan, Moore Stewart Ford, Bama Budwieser, the Pepsi Bottling Company and the Dallas County Drag Strip have all joined forces to bring the women’s domestic violence and sexual assault shelter some much needed funding.

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On July 24, a special day of racing will be held at the Drag Strip, with portions of the ticket sales going to SABRA.

The money will be a much needed boon to SABRA, which in recent years has seen multiple cuts in funding and an increasing need for their services.

While the organization can be said to be in a constant state of fundraising, SABRA’s administrators must also serve double duty, by actually running the facility.

That’s what makes event’s like this one so important. In the past, when Selma’s charities need something, they know they can depend on Selma’s corporate and everyday citizens to chip in and help out.

We’d like to encourage the city to continue in the vein of altruism and purchase tickets to the events, or just donate money directly to SABRA.

While it’s been said here and in other places before, the people of Selma are its greatest asset. We feel it can’t be said – or proven – enough.