Everyone must invest in our county’s future

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 25, 2004

If people want to invest in the future there are many ways to do so.

It can be done by investing money in new technology or even in new ideas.

The best way to invest in the future is by spending the time and dollars on the children and youth of Selma and Dallas County.

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A great example of this investment and its fruition took place at William R. Martin Middle School and Valley Grande Elementary on Monday.

The schools held a joint career day and invited people from a wide variety of professions to speak to the students about what they do.

Ovetta Jones, Martin Middle counselor, said,

&uot;We’ve had some really good people come and talk to these students.

A few of them were here last year and I’m so glad they agreed to come again this year.&uot;

This gives the children of our community an up close and personal look at what they could become in the years to come.

The youth and even at the elementary age see so many bad influences that it is important that they also see positive influences.

We reported in yesterday’s STJ that over 45 professionals ranging from law enforcement officers to medical physicians to postal workers spent time with the students talking about what they did and answering questions.

The speakers rotated between classrooms throughout the day, spending about 20 to 30 minutes with each group.

Proof of this career day being a success came in the form of questions from the students.

According to Shirley Edwards, counselor at Valley Grande Elementary, &uot;The kids really seemed interested. They were even asking some of the guests how much they made.&uot;

With the unemployment rate in Dallas County being amongst the highest in the state it is important to show the kids that there is hope and that if they work hard then one day they too could be standing in front of a similar classroom answering questions.

The STJ commends all the participants for taking the time from their busy schedule to spend with Dallas County students.

We also want to let the organizers know that they have set the example of investing in Dallas County’s future.