The Alabama River -Selma’s backyard

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The Alabama River and particularly the Selma Marina were full of boats and excited fishermen on Saturday.

They had a quest for fish and many of them found it.

According to Monday’s STJ there were about 70 fishers on hand to try their luck at claiming the prize of being the best bass fisherman of the day.

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The goal was to catch the largest amount of bass.

The place was on the Alabama River &045; Selma’s backyard.

The participants were amateur as well as professionals &045; no matter their qualifications they came from all across the state and even from other states within the Southern region of the United States to Selma, Ala.

The event was the second of six fishing tournaments sponsored by Angler’s Paradise, a weekly television show airing Sundays on Comcast/Charter Sports.

The rules were complex with stipulations of what counted and what did not count toward the weight of the fish.

The result was that many found what Selma and what its river had to offer.

This was just another example of the quality of life Dallas County residents enjoy.

Too often people overlook the great things that Selma and Dallas County have been blessed with.

The Alabama River provides a place for those who enjoy fishing to become better at their hobby.

It also is a venue for recreational activity such as skiing, inner tubing and jet skiing.

There is also room for one who just likes to take a pontoon boat and enjoy a quiet evening on the river.

Whatever the choice, it proves to be a perfect place to enjoy life.

Again, they are the ingredients outsiders seek when moving to a town.

People should be excited about events such as this and other tournaments that will be coming to the county.

Before you complain about there being nothing to do in Selma remember that in our backyard sits an entertaining, wonderful part of nature called the Alabama River.