Dallas County gets 100 vaccine doses for kids

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 8, 2004

Good news for parents.

The Dallas County health department unexpectedly received 100 doses of flu vaccine from its supplier, Alabama Department of Immunization, on Tuesday at a time when

the vaccine is truly hard to come by.

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Ashvin Parikh, county health department director, was pleased that the county has been re-supplied, while admitting that 100 doses will not go very far &045; though they will go twice as far if they are given to children, since children only require a half dose.

Technically, the vaccine can be given to anyone who requests it, but Parikh emphasized that the department’s focus at this time is to immunize as many children as possible, up to age 14 or 15.

The state health department recently reported that more than 200,000 flu shots have been administered this season in Alabama, and that the department ordered the largest quantity of vaccine ever.

Still, demand has exceeded supply.

According to the state health department influenza cases usually peak in January or February in Alabama.

Parikh, however, said that cases can extend into March.

Children are among the at-risk categories of persons needing flu shots.

Parikh suggested that parents call the county health department to make an appointment, and to ensure that the supply has not been exhausted.

That number is 874-2550.

People may also simply stop by the county health department, located at 100 Samuel Moseley Dr., he said.

Thus far, only a few shots have been given, he said.