Woman, 67, mugged on second day in city

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 28, 2003

Sara Glisson moved to Selma this past Saturday with plans to live with her sister. Two days later she found herself in Vaughan Regional Medical Center with a shoulder broken in two places and a broken hip after being attacked in the parking lot of a Dallas Avenue business.

Glisson had gone to the bank on Monday to make a deposit and then stopped by the Dallas Avenue Dollar General store.

The 67-year-old said the purse had been wrapped around her arm and the thief pulled so hard to remove it that the strap broke her shoulder.

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The brief struggle between Glisson and thief also caused her fall onto the hard concrete. The impact caused both her hip and another section of her shoulder to break.

The thief did not manage to get away with the purse, and Glisson said she was glad she’d gone by the bank first.

Audrey Tucker, Glisson’s sister, said a couple had seen the injured woman lying on the ground and managed to take her into the store and call for help.

Tucker said she understand the police cannot be everywhere and does not blame anyone for the attack on her sister. She only wants people to be aware of the crime that is going on in this section of the city.

Glisson had been living in Atmore with her daughter and granddaughters, but decided to move in with Tucker so the two could combine their finances.

Glisson was in surgery a few hours after being taken to the hospital and had three pins placed in her hip.

She is scheduled to be released from the hospital in a few more days and will then go into rehab for another three weeks.

Glisson is already disabled and this recent incident has caused her to have even more pain.

Tucker said she has no idea who the couple was that helped her sister after the attack, but wants to find some way to thank them for what they did.

Glisson said she is not letting the incident change her opinion of Selma and still has plans to live here.