No cuts expected for city schools

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 6, 2003

When Selma City Schools board members met to discuss the budget for upcoming fiscal year, they learned that their system’s financial status is slightly better than others across the state.

City Schools Superinten-dent Dr. James Carter assured the board Tuesday that there is currently enough local funds to handle the salaries of teachers and administrators until the official budget is voted on by state legislators in September.

Carter warned that if the voting is delayed, however, there is a possibility the schools would have to close down until the state Education Fund Budget is passed.

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The preliminary budget for the 2004 fiscal year indicates city schools will receive $16,714,385 from the Foundation Program, which provides federal money to fund education programs in Alabama. The school system is also projected to receive $16,875,628 from state funds and $1,258,796 from local funds.

All of these amounts represent significant increases from the amounts received in FY 2003.

Carter did warn board members that the figures are only a proposed amount and could change dramatically if Gov. Bob Riley’s tax reform package does not pass on Sept. 9.

Carter said the system’s fringe benefit expenditures would likely increase by $1 million if the tax package does not pass.

The preliminary FY 2004 budget also indicates that a majority of the city schools will receive only half units for principals, assistant principals, counselors and librarians.

School board members all said they were in full support the tax package and believe it will save all the school systems across the state from financial difficulties.