Council to consider new ward alignment plan

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 31, 2003

The realignment of Selma’s wards is one step closer to completion.

Monday night the Selma City Council voted 8-0 to put ward realignment Plan Three, the fourth plan the council has examined, on first reading. The plan is scheduled to be discussed at the council’s Aug. 11 meeting.

Kin Reynolds, senior engineer with Alabama Power, created the fourth plan after council members expressed concern over the first three plans.

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Previously the council looked at proposed Plans One and Two &045;&045; as well as Plan B, a plan created by Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr. Plan One differed from current ward alignment by re-drawing Ward Eight to Union Street and Dallas Avenue, which entered the Old Town historic district.

Plan Two re-drew Ward Eight up to Lapsley Street and Alabama Avenue.

Plan B used Broad Street to divide Wards Three and Eight and didn’t break up the historic district.

According to Reynolds, Plan Three addresses council members’ concerns. The line between Wards Three and Eight lies on Broad Street and doesn’t disrupt the historic district. &uot;There’s no difference in this plan and the mayor’s plan as far as this is concerned,&uot; Reynolds said.

Other changes include moving a dividing line between Wards Six and Eight to Broad Street. Ward Five has been altered by only one block.

Council President George Evans said the council needed to meet with the public in a public forum giving citizens an opportunity to hear the realignment proposal. No public forum has yet been scheduled, though.

Reynolds noted that in the past alignment proposals were posted and the positives and negatives of each listed for citizens.

Reynolds added that he tried to follow voting precinct lines as best he could, but there would always be some changes in who votes where.