Selma man talkin’ trash

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 19, 2003

After three years, one Selma man decided to fix Water Avenue’s trash problem himself.

David Hurlbut, owner of Selma’s now-defunct Harmony Club building on Water Avenue, said he’s been in contact with Selma officials for three years about the problem’s source &045;&045; trash receptacles on either side of Water Avenue.

Nothing happened until he contacted Shebra Kidd &045;&045; director of the downtown Selma association. Kidd said Hurlbut called her Tuesday, which prompted her to come down and look at the trash problem herself.

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Kidd said part of her job is to work with merchants to ensure downtown Selma looks good. That goal led her to helping Hurlbut clean up the liners.

Part of the problem lies with the plastic trash liners kept within concrete liners, Hurlbut said. They are easily stolen, which necessitates constant re-purchases.

Another problem is trash at the bottom of the concrete liners. Hurlbut said garbage is thrown into them and then plastic liners placed on top. The plastic liners are emptied, but the trash underneath stays.

Proving his point as he stood on Water Avenue Wednesday, Hurlbut lifted up one of the plastic liners, causing a large cockroach to scuttle away from a fetid mass of trash.

Cleaning the concrete liners is needed because pathogens and bacteria are present, Hurlbut said.

But just $80 and four hours of elbow grease later and one problem is solved. Kidd contacted Selma’s general services department on Tuesday and arranged for the

concrete liners to be moved Wednesday morning. General

services employees moved five of the concrete liners near utility poles, and Kidd and Hurlbut bought plastic liners, bolts and chains soon after.

Attaching the bolts and chains to the liners and wrapping the other end around the utility poles makes for a difficult steal. The chains are long enough so liners can reach garbage trucks, and strong enough to resist theft.

And, Hurlbut noted, it makes Selma look nicer.