Justice for ‘slain son’

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 6, 2003

Their shirts read &uot;And Justice For Paul.&uot;

About 100 people gathered at the Washington Street Supermarket parking lot Thursday afternoon in honor of Paul Jermaine Molette. Wearing white shirts bearing Molette’s image and slowly lighting candles, friends and family members took turns speaking about the young man who would have turned 22 yesterday.

Molette died in a shooting incident near the supermarket Feb. 28, 2003, after allegedly being shot by Mario Jermaine Simmons, 26. Simmons is currently out on bond.

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Molette constantly sported a smile and always took the time to speak to him, Jackson said. He had his life on track and was about to go to school.

Shaking his head, Jackson said he hoped the next time someone entered a dispute, he or she would remain calm and not let things get out of hand.

Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr. pleaded with the community to stop the violence and killing. &uot;Let’s have peace with one another,&uot; Perkins said.

Before reading from a proclamation, Perkins said he was working on a speech about the unnatural nature of children dying.

Saying he placed his faith in a higher power, Perkins added that God is in control and knows what to do. Those assembled agreed, affirming Perkins’ words of faith with their own.

Selma Councilwoman Nancy Sewell called on Selma’s youth to look to their faith as a means of escaping violence.

Molette’s family had chosen to use June 5 &045;&045; Paul Molette’s birthday &045;&045; as a day of celebration, Sewell said. Balloons were brought and speakers chosen to honor Molette.

She said she hoped a message was sent to the Courts with Thursday’s vigil. &uot;We want justice and justice be done,&uot; Sewell said.

Simmons’ trial is scheduled for August 18.

The balloons’ release, though, was scheduled for Molette’s birthday and before the crowd dispersed they flew into the air, disappearing into blue sky.