McDonald’s to be ‘fine’

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 2, 2003

That’s the word from attorney Collins Pettaway Jr., who has been representing Tamcri Inc. Tamcri is the parent company that operates the two McDonald’s restaurants in Selma. Tamcri is owned and operated by James Walls.

The company has been in and out of Dallas County Circuit Court since 2002 after running up a delinquent Alabama sales tax bill totaling $325,000.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s office had received a court order to padlock the two restaurants April 21, but the order was stayed at the last minute by a telephone call from the Montgomery District Office of the Alabama Department of Revenue granting a 10-day extension.

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Since the extension was granted, an agreement between the state and Tamcri has been reached, according to Pettaway.

Exactly what form that relief took, no one is saying.

Walls declined to comment.

The two McDonald’s restaurants in Selma employ as many as 110 people during peak periods.

The two Burger King restaurants in Selma closed last year and have not reopened.

An earlier motion filed by Pettaway had indicated that his client reached an agreement with the state on March 17 but was prevented from fulfilling the terms of that agreement due to actions taken by the state.

For example, Pettaway said the agreement called for his client to borrow the money to pay the delinquent sales tax. But he said his client was prevented from doing so by tax liens filed by the state, which negatively affected his credit worthiness.

Still, he insisted all’s well that ends well.