It’s that time again

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 27, 2003

It’s still a little cold outside, but it’s spring in the hearts of everyone that loves baseball out there. If you are like me the two best times of the year are fall when football teams everywhere line up and face each other in combat to see who is stronger than the other, and spring when it’s warm during the day and cold at night that means baseball time is here.

All players have reported to spring training and most teams start playing games by next week.

Baseball is like any other sport it’s a game of fundamentals and athleticism. It’s fun to watch even though it can be a little slow paced at times.

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Now the only thing that I don’t like about it is the faces change so often that it is hard to keep up with who’s playing for who.

When the season finally officially opens I will only recognize a handful of the players on teams that I knew all the faces on last year.

It’s a rarity these days to see a team make a franchise player out of anyone, because what it really boils down to is salary cap and how to stay under it. A prime example is Tom Glavine going to the Mets this season.

Loyalty is a far cry from how much money are you going to pay me. I know money makes the world go round, but how much is enough? When do you say as an owner that we pay these guys to much to play a game that a lot of people would pay for free.

The Braves resigned Greg Maddux to a one year deal worth $14 million for the upcoming season, and that was a compromise from what he originally wanted, which was $16 million.

Okay I know that he is one of the best pitchers to ever play the game, and that he will be in Cooperstown one day, but aren’t they starting to go a little overboard with what they are willing to give up for the star players.

Let’s not forget how close were they to a strike last year because they wanted more money.

Well maybe one day all the owners will get together and decide enough is enough, but until then any of the millionaire players out there that need a personal assistant or a bat boy I’ll start out at $50,000 a year.