Grand jury indicts man for rape

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 23, 2003

The Dallas County Grand Jury handed down 16 indictments this week, and a Selma man was indicted for rape and burglary.

Eric Leon Phillips of Selma, 27, was indicted for rape and two counts of burglary.

Phillips was arrested May 18, 2002, for allegedly breaking into a home and raping a 14-year-old girl. On May 23 he was arrested again and charged with second degree burglary for a separate incident.

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Greene said that Phillips is currently in jail in Mobile.

Greene also said that Phillips’ bonds have been revoked in Selma.

Greene said that he was released from the Dallas County jail Jan. 17 on $25,000 bond, and estimated that Belcher’s arraignment would occur in about 30 days.

Greene said that Banks had been hired by the business as a loss prevention officer. In that position, Banks’ role was to ensure that no shoppers or employees shoplifted any items from the store.

However, as it turned out, Banks allegedly took a number of items himself and was arrested for it Sept. 13, 2002.

According to Greene, the alarm system in Walker Arms went off in the early morning. When an officer reached the scene a number of witnesses gave a description of the car they saw at the scene.

The officer then gave chase, found the car and stopped it.

Greene said that four people were in the vehicle, and that Williams was the driver.

According to Greene, Rudolph entered a store around November, 2000, where he allegedly used a fake $50 bill to purchase cigarettes.

Shortly afterwards, Greene continued, Rudolph entered the store again and allegedly used another fake $50 bill to buy beer.