Staying Home

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 28, 2002

Thanksgiving stays conservative

By Alan Riquelmy / Selma Times – Journal

Forget this year’s election results. If Thanksgiving dinner is any measure, Selmians are a conservative bunch.

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Most plan on having a traditional dinner of turkey and dressing. And for dessert: pecan pie.

That, of course, includes turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, rice, gravy and sweet potatoes, said Cothran.

Sandra Smith, delicatessen clerk at Winn-Dixie, said that the most popular pre-made dinner was the Butterball baked turkey. The turkey itself is 10 to 12 pounds and comes with 2 pounds of cornbread dressing, two pounds of broccoli, rice and cheese casserole and 1 pound of turkey gravy. It feeds about eight to 10 people and costs $29.99

Smith said that this price was the same as last year.

Smith said that the traditional turkey dinner was also a popular choice this year. It comes with all the sides the Butterball dinner has except for the casserole and costs $19.99.

Smith said that she’s only planning on having turkey legs, not a whole turkey, because the meal is only for four people.

Food World also has a pre-made Thanksgiving meal.

According to Bea Phillips, assistant bakery manager, the most poplar meal is the oven roasted traditional turkey dinner. That comes with a 10-12 pound turkey, two pounds of cornbread dressing, 1 pound of turkey giblet gravy and twelve dinner rolls.

The whole meal costs $24.99, and, according to Phillips, is about the same price as last year.

Phillips is planning on having turkey, cranberry sauce and chocolate cake for her Thanksgiving meal. However, she also plans on visiting relatives throughout the day.

At least one Food World customer expressed relief about her Thanksgiving cooking plans.

Wal-Mart’s pre-made Thanksgiving meal comes in box. It includes a 10- to 12-pound turkey, two pounds of dressing, one pound of turkey giblet gravy and two pounds of seasoned mashed potatoes.

Vera Denny, salesperson, said that the price for the boxed turkey was $29.98, but that it had been lowered to $12.50 on Wednesday.

As for herself, Denny is planning on cooking for fifteen people. Her meal will include a drunken turkey with bourbon, dressing, ham, cranberry salad, and a sweet potato casserole.

The big supermarket chains are not the only ones doing a brisk Thanksgiving business, though.

Inez Cleckler, of Cleckler’s Produce, said that some popular items from her store include sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

Cleckler said that customers have been buying everything that she has in preparation for the holidays. That includes not only sweet potatoes and tomatoes, but also onions, bananas and apples.

Cleckler said that prices were definitely going up for food, and not just because of Thanksgiving. She said costs have been rising for a long time.

Instead of cooking her own meal tomorrow, Cleckler plans on going to Shoney’s. This is because she celebrated Thanksgiving with her family two weeks ago due to the fact her son recently moved to Maryland.