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Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 17, 2002

Dallas County still has one last tough regular season game left

By Kevin Bush / Selma Times – Journal

Dallas County vs. Pleasant Grove

The Hornets are coming off a disappointing loss to Demopolis last week on the road, and things won’t get a whole lot easier for them this week. This week the Hornets take on 5A Pleasant Grove, and Pleasant Grove is already playoff bound with a 7-2 record. They also beat Ensley last week 42-7.

Now the Hornets have two options after their loss last week. They can either fold up tent, and call it an end to their unbelievable year, or they can grow from their loss, and let it make them stronger.

Don’t look for the Hornets to fold up tent, and call it a year. Look for them to come out this week, and take out whatever frustration they have built up after last week, and destroy Pleasant Grove. Last week’s little speed bump should only get the Hornets better prepared for the post season.

This week look for a back to basics approach from the Hornets. They will use their trio of running backs to pound the ball straight ahead, and roll up the points. The defense will be a lot stingier than last week, and should hold Pleasant Grove to very few points.

Dallas County 42, Pleasant Grove 8

Southside vs. Keith

The Bears and the Panthers will get together Friday night for the last game of the season, and bragging rights are the biggest thing on the line. These two teams have had up and down seasons this year, and both have played decent football at times. This game should be a good one just for the fact that this is an in county rivalry.

Southside picked up the big win last week against Elmore County with Tony Myles picking up player of the week honors with his strong rushing performance of 216 yards. The Panthers will probably stick with the running attack this week and try to wear down the Bear defense.

Keith also picked up a big win last week scoring all of its points in the second half, and winning the ball game 32-25. The Bears had a strong rushing performance last week with two of their backs having 100 yard games. Emit Dukes picked up 152 yards on 12 carries, and Tim Gaines had 140 yards on 10 carries. Harry Crum, head coach for the Bears, will stick to the old saying, &uot;If it aint broke don’t fix it&uot; and stick with the run game this week. This game should come down to really who wants it more, because both of these teams are pretty evenly matched.

Keith 22, Southside 16

Wilcox Central vs. Selma High

The Saints have been in &uot;Dire Straights&uot; all season, and don’t expect this game to be any different. They have only managed to win two games and they only won those by small margins. Now they are at a point where this game really doesn’t have much to do with anything but picking up a win, and ending the season on a positive note. This could hold true for both of these teams.

Wilcox Central has managed the better season, but Selma High has been in a position to win some ball games with the amount of talent that they have on their squad.

The Saints could rise up amid all of the controversy, and play like they are capable of playing. They could also implode upon themselves, and get beat soundly by Wilcox Central. The latter is more possible than the first.

Wilcox Central 27, Selma High 13

Francis Marion vs. R.C. Hatch

Francis Marion has the better record at 3-6, but that is not hard to say when R.C. Hatch is 0-8 on the year.

Hatch needs to look forward to basketball season and next year.

Francis Marion 41, Hatch 6

Wilcox Academy vs. Marengo

Wilcox Academy is looking to close out its year with a 9-1 record if they can get past Marengo on Friday night. Wilcox took on Meadowview Christian last week, and had little trouble disposing of them. The only loss that the Wildcats have had all year came against Southern early in the year, and since that point, Wilcox has been on a big roll, even knocking off defending 3A state champs Monroe Academy.

The Wildcats have done all of this with a strong defense, and a running game that very few teams have been able to even effect all year. Don’t look for a whole lot to change this week. The Wildcats should stick with that strong running game, and roll right over Marengo.

Wilcox Academy 28 Marengo 14

Meadowview Christian vs. Morgan Academy

Even though the Trojans haven’t had a good season this year this game should be on everybody’s watch list. The Senators have had a good year going 6-3, and only losing two of those games by very small margins. What makes this game interesting is the fact that this is the crosstown rivalry that both of these two teams have been waiting on all year.

The Senators have been strong all year on both sides of the ball. Their offense has bee potent at times with strong rushing performances from both Owen Peak and Robert Collins when it really counted. Their defense has been anchored by Robert Armstrong who leads the team with 69 tackles on the year. Look for them to stick this week with what has been successful for them up till now – a strong run game.

The Trojans have played well at times this year, but have been unable to put together a complete game yet. Now the key word in that sentence is yet. This week might be the week for the Trojans if they can play an absolutely flawless game. If they can not it could be a long night for the Trojans.

Morgan Academy 30, Meadowview Christian 14

MMI vs. Southern

The MMI Tigers have had a good year considering that they managed to pick up two wins this year for the first time in three years.

This week they take on Southern which has had a remarkable year in its own right. This game could cap off the Tigers year big time if they could pick up the win.

The Tigers are capable of playing very good football when they can get momentum in their favor. If they can get out early this week they have a chance of finishing their season on a very good note. If they don’t it still has been a good year for the Tigers, and watch out for them next year.

Southern 21, MMI 14

Central Christian vs. Lowndes Academy

The Warriors are fresh off a Region Championship win that they picked up against Shelby Academy last Friday night, and they take on Lowndes this week for Homecoming.

Central Christian has been strong all year despite being short on numbers, and experience. All of the kids and coaches that have anything to do with this football team should be commended on the excellent job that they have put forth this year.

Now back to the game at hand. The Rebels have not been experiencing the prosperity that they have had in past seasons. But that does not mean that they are not a capable football team. The step up to 2A for the homecoming game is the thing that presents the most difficulty for the Warriors.

Even though they are playing a 2A team, Central Christian should not have a major problem with the Rebels if they play the kind of hard-nosed football that they are capable of. If they do not step up and play tough football, the Rebels could steal a victory. Central Christian 28, Lowndes 14