Family coping with tragedy

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 6, 2002

It’s sad, it’s horrible, and Dallas County resident Missy Cook just can’t understand it. Nor is it easy to explain it to her 12-year-old-son, Wesley.

Cook said one of Wesley’s best friends was taken away from him last week. He was, Cook said, a friend, who was always loyal; a friend, who always showed unconditional love; a friend, whom, she said, would never hurt a soul, and just had a &uot;wonderful personality.&uot;

The friend was named Killer, a name that completely contradicted his &uot;lovable&uot; nature, said husband Roger Cook.

Killer, the family dog, was found dead last week after some men doused the dog with gasoline and lit him on fire, burning him to death.

The bulldog was found near their house on County Road 992 Sunday.

Missy Cook finds it hard to explain to her son why his dog was suddenly taken away from him.

Police managed to arrest the suspects responsible for the incident.

Justin Edwards, 19, Johnnie Lee Bell, 19, and a juvenile, whose name could not be released, all of Selma, were arrested Wednesday and charged with cruelty to animals first degree. They were sent to the Dallas County Jail, with the two adults each receiving a $5000 bond, said police spokesman Lt. David Evans.

For Missy Cook, however, the punishment still does not fit the crime.