Deputies raid local arcade

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 20, 2002

Dallas County deputies executed a search warrant at Z-71 Arcade shortly after noon Thursday, confiscating 36 of what authorities claim are illegal gambling machines.

Although the Highway 22 establishment, located near Dallas County High School, was closed at the time, authorities were able to gain entrance and confiscate what Chief Deputy Randy Pugh called the &uot;illegal devices.&uot;

Twenty-one machines were left behind due to lack of space in the truck brought to transport the devices.

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The owner agreed that the remaining machines will remain at that location and that the business will stay closed until the case is settled.

Pugh said that according to Alabama law it is illegal to operate a gambling device such as the machines found in the arcade.

As for other businesses that house gambling machines within the county’s jurisdiction, Pugh said, &uot;They will be shut down.&uot;

He said the move was prompted by numerous phone calls from concerned citizens and nearby churches concerning these types of businesses.

Two other establishments within the county have voluntarily shut-down and possibly two more places are currently running the same type of illegal operations, according to Pugh.

An investigation of those establishments is continuing.

For a machine to qualify as an illegal gambling machine, Pugh said that some type of monetary award must be given in exchange for a winning play.