Saints hopes to gain win

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 19, 2002

Selma High takes on Carver Friday night at Memorial Stadium at 7:30 p.m., and they hope to stop a losing streak before it gets started.

Selma High won their first game of the year against Southside in unconvincing fashion, and they dropped their second game of the year last Friday night against Prattville in a blowout 35-8.

Carver lost their game last week against Lee 35-13. What this week’s game boils down to is that you have to teams that are starting to take on water and one of them might become beyond repair if they don’t pick up the win this week.

Selma High has all the tools to have a very good football team this year, and there is nothing really stopping them from being a good team, but lack of defensive production. The thing is will they step up this week, and play to their full potential, I think they will for one reason. &uot;Home Field Advantage&uot;

Look for Selma High to get back on the winning track this week with a big home field win over Carver.

Selma High 21 Carver 7

Southside at Trinity Presbyterian

Southside got on the winning side of things last week with a big win over Handley last Friday night 24-22. This week the Panthers take on Trinity Presbyterian in a hope of taking the winning streak to two games.

Last week one of the keys to Southside winning the ball game was the ability to mix the pass with the run, and look for them to try to do the same thing this week against Trinity.

Southside will take advantage of a good offensive line, and a outstanding running back (Tony Myles) to try to control the clock and keep Trinity’s offense off the field as much as possible.

In the end Southside should pull out the victory, and go to 2-2 on the year to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Southside 19 Trinity 13

Francis Marion vs Midfield

Francis Marion picked up another win last week over West Blocton 28-15, and don’t expect them to let up this week against Midfield.

The Rams have been strong all year, and a good running game has been the key to their success, but don’t let us forget that without a strong offensive line you can’t have a good running game.

Expect the Rams to roll over MIdfield this week, and don’t expect them to stop rolling all year.

Francis Marion 28 Midfield 7

Keith High vs Luverne

Keith takes on a team this week that beat Goshen last week 10-9, and nobody should forget the beating that Goshen put on Keith the second game of the year.

Keith has come back to win their third game after the loss to Goshen, but the game was against R.C. Hatch who has the longest losing streak in the state. So in all actuality Friday night’s game against Luverne is the biggest challenge to date this year for the Bears.

Tim Gaines and Emit Dukes led the way for the Bears on offense last week with Gaines having over 200 yards rushing and Dukes having a 150 yards on the ground. The thing is they wont have it that easy this week against Luverne.

Goshen managed to put up 34 points against the Keith defense when they played, but last week Luverne held Goshen to just nine points. The good defense that Luverne brings to Orville on Friday night will make it very hard for the Bears to move the ball effectively on the ground.

The unknown factor in the ball game is how much improvement has Keith made from week two to week four. If they haven’t improved much Luverne will win the game easily, but if they have improved a good bit it will make this a very close ball game. In the end Luverne should come out ahead, and the Bear’s will drop to 2-2 on the year.

Luverne 35 Keith 19

Dallas County vs Livingston

Dallas County looks to extend their winning streak to 4-0 this week against Livingston.

Dallas County has been on a unprecedented roll for the last four weeks bowling over teams by

averaging over 50 points a game, and over 400 yards of rushing offense a game. Look for this week to be know different.

Dallas County will use their massive offensive line, and talent at running back to lay waste to Livingston in easy fashion. The Hornets defense should hold up well and keep Livingston out of the end zone without many problems.

Livingston did beat Holt (a team that Dallas County decimated earlier in the year) last week, but they will still be of little threat to the Hornets.

Dallas County 44 Livingston 14

Wilcox Central vs Russell County

Wilcox Central dropped their second game of the year last week to Eufala 34-12, but it should get a little easier for them this week against Russell County.

Russell County was decimated last week by Charles Henderson 35-0. This game should be somewhat of a toss up, because of the fact that neither team has any true experience at any of the skill positions.

Wilcox Central lost their first game of the year to Sidney Lanier in blow out fashion, but they came back to win their next game convincingly. Last week they dropped their third in a route by Eufala. This game could go either way so I will leave the choice up to you.

Wilcox Central Pick Russell County Pick

R.C. Hatch vs Calera

R.C. Hatch dropped their third game of the year last Friday against Keith 40-6, and don’t look for a whole lot to change this week against Calera.

Calera defeated Maubury last week 48-14, and they should run through Hatch this week like a hot knife through butter.

R.C. Hatch has no defensive ability, and can do little to stop any kind of a run game. Look for Calera to run all night, and pile up some outstanding numbers against this week Hatch defense.

The losing streak wont end this week Calera wins, and does it in convincing fashion.

Calera 70 Hatch 6

Meadowview Christian at Ft. Dale

The Meadowview Christian Trojans have put in valiant efforts all year but have come up short in the end.

Ft. Dale gave the undefeated Morgan Academy Senators just about all they could handle last week, but in the end Morgan managed to pull out the win.

I hate to admit it, but unless the Trojans can get off to a fast start Friday against Ft. Dale they are going to come up short again this week. The Trojans played an almost flawless defensively in the second half of their game last week against Faith Academy, but turnovers and mistakes on offense prevented them from getting back in the game.

If the Trojans can get out to a fast start, and not have to play from behind the whole game they should have a chance against Ft. Dale.

The bad thing about it is the Trojans will probably not get off to a good start, and will be playing from behind for the whole game. Meadowview does not have the strength or talent to play from behind with a team like Ft. Dale, and this will be their downfall.

Meadowview 13 Ft.

Dale 41

Morgan Academy at Macon East

The Morgan Academy Senators have gained a lot of confidence over the last two weeks with come from behind wins against Faith and Ft. Dale.

Macon East is coming off a close loss to Bessemer Academy last Friday night 28-22, and should be looking for a way to get back in the win column in a hurry. The only thing is The Senators are undefeated, and don’t plan on giving that up without a fight.

Morgan Academy has used a strong option oriented attack to pull them past their first two opponents this year, and they will probably stick with the game plan. (If it aint broke don’t fix it)

This game should be very tight ball game with probably less than a touchdown seperating the two teams late in the fourth quarter.

Look for Morgan to draw strength from their to come from behind wins to be able to pull out the win at the end of the game.

Morgan Academy 29 Macon East 28

Central Christian vs MMI

Undefeated Central Christian takes on Marion Military Institute Thursday night in what should be one of the better high school games this year. (I know that sounds crazy, but trust me)

Central Christian has already proved any doubters out there wrong by winning their first three ball games, (even me) and MMI broke one of the longest losing streaks in the state last week by defeating Demopolis at home.

Central has spread the ball around in their first three games with a pretty balanced running, and passing attack. Their defense has been extremely stingy only allowing 14 points over three games.

MMI has played pretty solid as well. They use a very strong running attack to pound the ball at defenses, and control the clock to keep things in their favor.

This game should be a very tight game, and either team is in a position to pull off a win, but in the end MMI should be the one that comes out on top. (I am still not going to be the one who jinxes the streak)

MMI 20 Central Christian 19