Selma University opens classes with convocation today

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Dr. George L. Davis will be the keynote speaker today at Selma University’s opening convocation held in the Dinkins Memorial Chapel on campus.

The event, structured similar to a church service, will focus on welcoming students, instructors and administration into the 124th year that the school has been operating and to put in perspective what the university is all about.

Quietly nestled on Lapsey Street in west Selma,

the university is a historically black private bible college with a mission to &uot;prepare men and women for Christian ministry and Christian living in the modern world based on the example of Jesus Christ.&uot;

And that’s exactly what persueded sophomore student Reondray Hubbard to relocate more than 3,000 miles away from home, which is Bickersfield, Calif., to the historic city of Selma.

His life in California was quite different than here in Selma, Hubbard noticed. &uot;It was a culture shock, an awakening,&uot; he said, remembering that in California he never sat under black teachers, never went to or knew of a predominately black school or knew of any black administrators.

That’s when he knew he was &uot;missing something.&uot;

Now, instead of the &uot;compromised versions&uot; of the teaching of the bible he got at California State University at Bickersfield, Hubbard can get what he’s been looking for: a teacher that reminds him of his pastor at home who practices and lives the word of Jesus, he said.

With low student/teacher ratios, Hubbard says that the environment is more conducive to learning, which makes a better relationship between him and his teachers and, therefor, making the learning process a lot easier for him.

After getting a theology and psychology degree from the institution, Hubbard plans to move back home and open a seminary, a goal he promised to a metor years ago.

Selma University not only offers degrees in the Division and Bible and Pastoral Ministry, but also in general studies. A master’s of art degree in Bible and Pastoral Ministry and in Bible and Christian Education are available too. Registration for the Fall will contine until Sept. 25.