Selma City Schools received thier Spring 2002 report cards and got a mixed bag.

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 23, 2002

Eighty-two percent of Selma High School senior students passed the Graduation Exit Exam, just slightly below the state average of 90 percent.

The high school’s 11th graders fell below that average, with only 49 percent passing.

Superintendent Dr. James Carter explained that the new report card includes aggregated test statistics, which highlight the performance of each child. He said the new format will make it easier for teachers to understand how to reach each student in accordance with their learning style.

On the Stanford Achievement Test, no city school reached the statewide average of the 55th percentile. A total of 1,510 Selma students at eight of the 11 schools took the SAT.

Scores ranged from a 31st precentile ranking at Clark Elementary to a 49th precentile ranking at Meadowview Elementary.

He noted that the projected dropout rate for Selma High was among the lowest in the state.

Economically speaking, Selma City Schools received $762 per student each school year.

Fifty-three schools in the state achieved average SAT percentile rankings, and students at those schools receive more revenues than schools in Selma City.

State schools achieving the statewide SAT average and receiving less money than students in Selma have a lower percentage of students receiving free lunches, which is only available to students at or below the poverty level.

Only one of the 11 school in the Selma City School system is not academically clear.

SAT percentile rankings are as follows:

Meadowview Elementary &045; 49th percentile

Cedar Park Elementary &045; 47th percentile

School of Discovery Genesis Center &045; 45th percentile

Knox Elementary &045; 43rd percentile

Payne Elementary &045; 40th percentile

Byrd Elementary &045; 40th percentile

Selma Middle Chat Academy &045; 37th percentile

Clark Elementary &045; 31st percentile